Accounting and Payroll

Accounting and Payroll

In 2018, clients should not pay for manual entries of documents into the accounting systems. They should only pay for the added value for the same or even lower price of the service.

Accountants are one of the most endangered species in the advisory world due to automation. We have adapted to the changing times and invest extensive effort and resources in offering our clients the highest degree of process comfort possible with today´s accounting software and legislation.

Clients should not have to manually enter documents into their accounting system, and we believe they should not have to pay for it either. Our clients only pay for the added value we bring to their business.

For our clients, we carry out their day-to-day accounting agendas including submission of tax returns, payrolls, and statements. These services can be rendered in person or remotely as suits each client´s needs. As added value, our familiarity with internal processes allows us to regularly suggest methods of minimizing overhead costs and tax obligations.

  • Accounting Digitization and Automation

We will help you to keep track of your online and mobile accounts, allowing you to, for example, be prepared for VAT payment. As you have an unlimited number of user accesses, you can track the work of your employees or issue invoices. Automatic matching of payments allows you to track the online status of your receivables and liabilities. And much more.

  • Added value

Legislation and case law gives enough room for a healthy tax and levies optimization. Saving dozens of percent on taxes is possible not only for a multinational company such as Google and financial groups, but also for a ‘one-member’ company. However, such optimization must be comprehensive and be treated not only from a tax and accounting point of view, but also from a legal and practical point of view. Since our team consists of experts who advised on these topics both to large multinational companies and small size entrepreneurs, we will be glad to help you as well.

  • Lawyer-on-the-phone

Having 7 lawyers and 9 accountants in the team, we are also ready to help you with any legal issue within your accounting fee package, so you do not have to rely on googling or waste time and money on other legal service providers.

You have everything under one roof at very competitive prices. We provide our clients with comprehensive payroll and accounting services.

Our Services in Accounting and Payroll:


  • Preparation of ordinary and extraordinary financial statements, including individual and consolidated ones
  • Book-keeping
  • Personal costs management
  • Employment agreements with a particular emphasis on remuneration provisions
  • Stock management
  • Inventory
  • Financial reporting (e.g. cost of goods, profit margins, etc.)

Submitting of tax returns

Payrolls and Personnel Management:

  • Payroll agenda
  • Personnel management, including registrations and reporting
  • Communication with public authorities
  • Compliance with laws


In addition to accounting and payroll experts, our team includes experienced tax advisers and lawyers as well. We treat accounting from a broader perspective and provide our clients with effective tax structures, optimizing their costs and thus saving a considerable amount of money.

“Because the client does not have to pay for accounting of manual placement, carrying documents and folders.”