Compliance and Regulation

Compliance and Regulation

Our team has extensive experience in evaluating and managing the risks of legal regulation and provides expert advice and support to entrepreneurs in assessing the impact of regulatory changes on their business.

Businesses in many sectors face a rising tide of regulation and stricter regulators. Complex and fast changing regulation of data protection, IT security, consumer and labour law relations give rise to a number of legal and commercial risks affecting your business. Disregarding these risks may lead to serious difficulties, including litigations, administrative proceedings, monetary sanctions, loss of reputation and customers. A prompt identification of these risks is essential to minimize the impacts of these risks on your business.

We provide our compliance services mainly in the following practice areas:

  • Data protection
  • IT law, Clouds & Electronic communication
  • Employee and management relations
  • Consumer relations and law
  • Corporate Governance
  • Industrial & Intellectual Property (Trademarks and Patents)

We are ready to:

  • help you to identify the key legal and commercial risks arising from the incompliance with applicable regulations
  • design and implement effective  and custom-fit solutions to ensure the full compliance of your business with applicable regulations
  • assist you with setting up effective internal processes and infrastructure to ensure a continuing compliance of your business with applicable regulations
  • provide you with support and assistance in communication with regulatory authorities