Payroll and Human Resources

Payroll and Human Resources

Payroll management now faces three key challenges that should differentiate payroll and human resource service providers. We believe that if in 2018 a service provider wouldn’t be able to cope with these challenges, it will not be able to provide the standard comfort to its clients.

Three basic challenges


  • Automation

Manually creating and entering payrolls into the system does not have a place in modern accounting in 2018. Emphasis must be placed on the highest level of automation so the client does not pay for what the computer can do faster.

  • News Tracking

Legislation is a dynamic area where early non-observation of changes can also lead to financial losses. An example of this is a recent abolition of sick pay caps, which in particular has led to an unreasonable increase in payroll costs for IT companies. Early notification of this change could have helped these companies to make changes through a more effective set-up of the structure.

  • Optimization

Case law creates a wide space for creative solutions which aim to reduce the high tax burden on employers in particular. It is always good to know something about these solutions.

“Because the client does not have to pay for accounting on manual placement, on carrying documents and on folders.”