Special tax services

Income tax

The method of payment and collection of income tax in the Slovak Republic is governed by the Income Tax Act. The Income Tax Act recognizes income tax on natural persons and corporate income tax. Income tax on natural persons is most often the subject of taxation of employment incomeincome from trade or other self-employment, interest income, rental and sale income, as well as income from the sale of stocks and business shares. In the case of corporate income tax, corporate profits are most often subject to taxation.

Our services in the field of income tax

We understand the tax challenges faced by entrepreneurs. We provide comprehensive expert advising on income tax of natural and legal persons in Slovakia and abroad. Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Preparation of income tax calculations of natural and legal persons
  • Calculation of income tax expense
  • Preparation of tax returns for income tax on natural and corporate income tax
  • Tax planning and optimization services
  • Representation before tax authorities and courts

Income Tax Optimization

If you are interested in whether you or your company can save on income tax, we also provide our clients with comprehensive  tax optimization services.